Sunday, January 25, 2015

 I know that a lot of girls who are currently experimenting with make-up or want to get into it probably have no clue where to start. So today's post is to help them really as I have put together my very own make- up starter kit. All the products are from the drugstore so it is very affordable.

 Foundation is probably the most difficult product to pick out if you are just starting out as you have no clue what is right for your skin or if you are picking the right shade. My advice is to do a bit of research before you buy. The two products I have picked are the Loreal True match foundation as this is quite light on the skin and they do a large shade range an alternative would be a BB cream, the one I picked is the Maybelline dream fresh as this is also really light on the skin and brings out your natural glow. Recently I have been loving mixing this in with my foundation. For concealer there was really only one that stood out in my collection which is the Rimmel wake me up concealer this is a great concealer as it hides blemishes and dark circles well and then also adds brightness to that area. If you want to powder I would go for the Rimmel Stay matte as this is a really budget friendly powder and makes sure your base stays put throughout the day, I recommend you use a powder if you have oily skin and use a translucent shade as this doesn't add any more colour. There was only really one bronzer that I could think which is the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Highlighter as this includes half of their famous chocolate bronzer which is great for bronzing and contouring the face and it also has a highlighter as well so it saves you needing two separate products. A product that I included which I don't think is a necessity to have but I thought I would include it anyway is a primer, I chose the Maybelline baby skin as I know this works well by smoothing out the pores and its very affordable. 
 For mascara I had to choose one of my old favourites which is the Maybelline the falsies as this is a really affordable mascara which lengthens and adds volume to lashed without needing too many coats. Not everyone likes to wear eyeshadow I know I didn't wear much when I first started with make-up but I chose the MUA undressed me palette as this has a good range of shimmery and matte everyday shades. For eyeliner I decided to go with the Topshop  magic liner as this creates a really good thin line on top of the lid and is easy to use but you could also get a pencil eyeliner instead, Rimmel do some really good ones. Not everyone, wants to fill their brows in but if you do I chose the first brow product that I ever used which is the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown, they have quite a few shades and include a brush on the lid which you can use to brush your eyebrows out. I found this very easy to use and last for ages. 

 Now, narrowing lip products down was very difficult for me as I have quite a lot but I went with two that you can use on an everyday basis and have different finishes If you like a matte finish the Bourjois rouge edition velvet will be perfect for you as they are a liquid lipstick which when you have applied them they set matte so they last all day and don't feel heavy on the lips. If you prefer a more natural lip then I think you should go for the Maybelline baby lips as they are a lip balm so are hydrating your lips but also add some colours, my favourites are the nude (above) and pink punch.

 I also narrowed down my brush collection for the ones that I think you will only need for the products above. Real Techniques have some amazing brushes, these are the three that I think are the best ones to use with the products above. You could use the RT expert face brush for foundation, the blush brush for powder, bronzer highlighter and the setting brush for concealer. For eyes I chose the ELF blending brush as this only cost me £3.95 as blends my eyeshadow really well. 

Of course, you don't need all of these products but they give you an idea of the kind of thing you could buy to start you off with make- up. If you would like to see a skincare starter post let me know and I could also do that if you would find it useful.

Are there any products that you would add to this kit?
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