Monday, February 16, 2015

Hi everyone! This is actually Sunday's post but I didn't get chance to type it up so here it is today. I love writing tag posts as I think you can get to know the person behind the blog and they're fun to read and write.

When did you start your blog?
I started this blog in August 2013 but I had actually another blog which I started to write a while before that but never really got the hang of it. That feels like such a long time ago now and I can actually remember writing my first post (more on that later).

Have you had any other past online presence before?
No, I had never done anything like blogging before as it all seemed a little but daunting but I'm very glad that I did it now.

Why did you start a blog?
Probably like every other blogger I started a blog because I was reading and watching lots of beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers and I thought I could do that too, the blogging not YouTube just yet. I was also getting into make-up quite a bit so was looking online for things to buy which is when I came across lots of different blogs which I began to read and ended up finding a whole new interest. 

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I'm not really too sure when I became serious about blogging I don't think I still am a I'm just enjoying it really and love the process of writing and publishing a post. It was probably the middle of last year that I really wanted to make sure I post a couple of times a week so I had more content for my readers. 

What was your first post?
My first post is very embarrassing now was on the One Direction film premier as I loved them (still do) and couldn't really think what else to start my blog with as the premier was very big at the time. I have always debated whether I should delete the post or not but I think it's probably best I keep it as I can look back on it and see how far I've come. 

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
I think my biggest challenge with blogging is trying to balance it with school and work. As all three of these things take up a lot of time so it is quite difficult to do but I always try to still get two posts up a week. I currently have quite a back log of posts that I need to wrote or take pictures for so hopefully I get the chance to do that. 

Where do you see your blog in one year?
I really don't know where I see my blog in a year. All I hope for is that I am still blogging and that I am enjoying it as much as I am now. I would like my content to improve a bit as I feel that it can be quite repetitive so I would like to do some different types of posts maybe more advice and lifestyle.

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
There are so many rewarding things with blogging but one of them has to be the community as everyone is so kind and helpful and you know you can always find someone to talk to as you have something in common. I also love that all of this is my work and I feel very proud to see a post published. 

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
I really don't think there is anything discouraging about blogging nothing that I can think of right now anyway. 

What's your lasting inspiration or motivation?
I definitely get my motivation from other bloggers as I read blogs all the time theres always so many posts that I can look at for inspiration. I also love Instagram and pinterest as there are so many pictures that you can get inspired from. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and let me know if you do it I would love to read it. 
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