Sunday, February 08, 2015

February wishlist

This month I have my eye on quite a few things to purchase. Some beauty and fashion and then a bit of a random purchase which isn't in the picture. I will start off with the random purchase which is a dylon black dye as I would like to redye my joni jeans because they are in good condition but are just faded so I think it would be easier if I just redyed them and cheaper.
Onto fashion, my first purchase and most certain on is the Black armour boots from Miss Selfridge, I am been looking at these boots for quite a while as I think they will look great with many outfits and I love the cut out detail. Now, I have two dressed to choose from both of them are bodycon dresses as I think they look best on my body shape. The black one I like more for a night out as it can be dressed up easily but I also like the monochrome details and high neck on the other so I have a tough decision to make. My final two fashion items is a black pencil skirt which I would like to wear with this khaki crop top as I think that would be a really nice outfit. I am really liking the look of a lot of khaki stuff lately and would like a khaki shirt as well.
Finally, for beauty I feel like I am quite late on this one but I would finally like the buy the Maybelline eraser eye concealer as I have heard so many good things on this, so if I do then I will expect a review coming soon. A new release that I have seen a lot on blogs and vlogs lately is another Maybelline mascara and is the lashsensational mascara as I am coming to end of some of mine so need a new mascara to try. A highlighter recommended by my friend Kirti is this highlighter by MUA, it is extremely pigmented and looks amazing on.

So that is what I am looking to purchase this month, what's on your February wishlist?
Sonia x

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