Sunday, March 22, 2015

 I haven't done a product empties post in ages which is simply because I always forget to keep my empty products and just throw them away. Although, this time I was having a bit of a clear out and came across a few which I bundled together in this post.
 Nivea in shower body moisturiser
I recieved this product at Christmas and finally got it out to try and I was quite disappointed. When I saw this advertise months ago on I had really hopes for it as it seemed like my perfect product seeing as I'm really lazy when it comes to moisturising. Sadly, I was quite disappointed with the product I applied it in the shower and rinsed it off like sad but didn't feel like it left my skin feeling that soothed or soft. Although, it is a great idea and is quick I still wanted that extra bit of softness that would last for more than one day. 

Simple eye balm & Simple soothing facial toner
To of my favourite simple products, if you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know I am a big fan of their products. I love the eye balm as it soothes my eyes and I find that my concealer applies better when I have used it the night before. Toner is a product I use in my skincare routine and don't really have a clue if it actually works but I love the simple one because there is no scent and it wakes my skin up a bit leaving it feeling refreshed.
ELF contouring shade
You can probably tell that I love this a lot from the fact that I've hit pan and the state of the packaging. I have had this for quite a while and at first didn't use it much but now I use it everyday. I find that this is the perfect contour and bronzing shade for me as it isn't orange toned and is matte. I would repurchase this but I want one that I can pick up in the drugstore instead of ordering online, so let me know if you have any recommendations. 
Bourjois rouge edition velvet 
When these were released last year there was quite a big hype surrounding them and now I have finally finished mine I can tell you that I'm a big fan. I don't think I've ever properly finished a lip product but as these are liquid you kind of go through them quicker. This is a matte liquid lipstick which has featured on this blog many times because I love it so much as it's super long lasting and not drying or uncomfortable on the lips at all. I will definitely be repurchasing this shade as its a perfect nude and matte as well so will last all day. 

Bourjois volume one seconde mascara
I have done a review on this mascara where you can read how much I love it in even more depth here. I have had the mascara for quite a while but I then forgot about it and tried some others so as it's now probably very dry I've decided to include it in this empties. I love this mascara and will repurchase it very soon as it creates amazing volume due to the very strange but amazing looking bristles. 
Have you tried any of these products what did you think?
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