Sunday, March 15, 2015

 One of Maybelline's most popular products is the fit me concealer, after buying it last month I was so excited to give it a go as I had heard lots of positive things about it.

When I first tried the concealer I was really impressed as it is quite light on the skin, blends nicely and covers blemishes really well. I do find when using it on my dark circles that I need to use another concealer with it. It has a very liquid consistency which makes it great for blending, you would think that this would mean it isn't that thick and provide much coverage but it does. It doesn't provide as much coverage as the collection lasting perfection but isn't too light either. I have the shade light which works well for me, I do prefer concealers which brighten the under eye which this doesn't but for blemishes and adding that extra bit of coverage is great. The packaging is very simple which I like and what you can expect from a drugstore product, I really love the applicator as I find these are the best and easiest to use when applying concealer. Overall, I really enjoy using this concealer, it's not the best I've used but it does an extremely good job. 

Have you tried this concealer? What do you think?
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