Wednesday, March 04, 2015

 Not so long ago Maybelline released a new mascara which is the Lashsensational, if you read my favourites post then you will know that I have loved this mascara so here's why.
I am a very big fan of Maybelline mascaras as they are really the only ones that work well for me. The packaging of this product is actually I think one of the best out of the other mascaras that they have in their range as it is a lovely metallic pink shade which bold black writing. When I first saw the wand on this mascara I really didn't know how I would find using it as there are two curves one small which grabs the smaller hard to get lashes and a larger curve for adding lost of length to the ends of lashes. As the wand is curved it does fit the eye shape quite nicely so can grab the lashes on the inner and outer corners easily. 
I really like this mascara as I think the formula of it isn't too wet or tacky so it doesn't create any clumps and coats the lashes evenly. For a more natural everyday look I really think only one coat is needed as this adds a lot of volume and length but then if you want a more dramatic look you would need two or three coats. Another great thing about this mascara is that it dries quickly however a few times it has transferred onto my lid which is expected. 
Overall, I am really impressed with this mascara and would repurchase it. 
What do you think of this mascara? Would you buy it?
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