Friday, April 03, 2015

 Happy Easter weekend!Today's post is my March favourites. I think I have said in every favourites post that I haven't been trying many products and well that's because I am trying to save my money for a Macbook, uni and driving as they are my priorities right now as well as passing my last year of sixth form. But now enough rambling lets get to the reasons you are here, my favourites.
 My favourite shampoo and conditioner of all time is the Bee strong range from Herbal essences these are amazing and I love when my mum buys them. With the dodgy advert starring Nicole Scherzinger the products are fantastic. They leave my hair feeling super soft, sleek and clean for a good three days which is great if you don't like washing your hair. Recently, my skin has been a bit all over the place so I am making sure they I take my make-up off properly and thoroughly cleanse. So the product I have been using for this is of course a simple product and is the simple purifying cleanser, I love this because it makes my skin feel clean and refreshed straight away you also don't need a lot of product for your whole face so I think this bottle will last me quite a while. I also think this would be a good product to use in the morning as it would make sure your face is clean ready to apply your make up and it isn't a heavy cleanser either. 
For make-up favourites I only have two both products that have just been sitting in my dressing table. My favourite lipstick at the moment is Mac Twig this is a great pinky/brown nude which can be lightly applied for a natural look or applied a bit heavier for evening and paired with a lip liner like east end snob by Rimmel it would create yes a very good 'Kylie Jenner lip.' My Bourjois healthy balance powder has hit pan so I have been using the ones I have in my drawers which is when I found this MUA powder in shade 4 this is a good powder not the best but I have really enjoyed using it to lightly set my base and add a little bit of colour. 
My final favourite is Pretty Little Liars, season 5 has just ended with the big A reveal and it did not disappoint well some people weren't too happy but I loved the idea and can't wait to see how it all fits into the story. Dont worry I wont ruin who it is for you if you haven't watched the all.

So there are all my favourites, what were your favourites last month?
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