Sunday, June 21, 2015

Don't panic this is just one of those fancy titles that get you to click on the post, caught you out there didn't I. So basically this post is to say where I've been as I have been pretty absent for the past few months.
I always knew in April that I was going to take a break from blogging at the end of it due to revising for exams as they were my main priority, I have finally finished them now and hope that the hard work pays off. But instead of writing all of Aprils posts I actually couldn't do it as I felt I was forcing them to be put out just so I had posted something which is not what I want to do. I also seemed to have stopped reading blog posts as well which was very unusual as I used to love to sit down in the evening and read them but there just wasn't enough time for me to do that. 
Blogging and vlogging has really blown up this year and there is so much content out there and sometimes it is hard to get your content the best it can be but now I've had a bit of a break I think I can gradually get back into writing as I really do love it.
I have quite a few posts to write and any ideas would be really helpful. I would also like to get a new blog layout sometime soon as I feel that would make my blog look more professional. 
So to conclude, I am back blogging and I really appreciate you all still following and reading my posts, I will be posting again very soon so don't forget to keep up to date with my social media. 
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