Sunday, September 06, 2015

 As you probably know I have took quite a break from blogging  but now I have felt like I can start posting again and hopefully my posts will begin to improve in quality as I want to make sure they are as good as I could possible make them. 

I think most bloggers go through a point where they just cant be bothered to sit and write a post anymore, I know thats how I have felt over the past few months as I had no ideas what so ever or the energy to do it. Now I'm beginning to enjoy it again I thought I would share with you my tips to get your blogging motivation back. 

Take a break
I think taking a break is really important if you are not feeling like blogging is what you want to be doing right now. There is no point forcing out posts juts for them to be there if you didn't feel like writing them and they were not of your usual high quality.By taking a break it allows you to have time to think about what you want to post and where you would like to take your blog. 

Get inspired
There are so many places that you can search for inspiration to get yourself reinspired. The internet is full of inspiration, I personally love looking at images on Tumblr and pinterest and the popular posts paeges on bloglovin is also great as it means you can see what people are reading at the moment. Instagram is also my favourite app and such an amazing places to find ideas as there are so many beautiful accounts out there for beauty and fashion, you can also find so many bloggers on there too. Magazines and blogs are great to read as they are there is so much content out there which I am sure will give you some ideas, I wish I had more time to read through loads of blogs.

Take time and plan 
Instead of rushing your posts I think it is a good idea to think about what you want to write and then plan the post. That way you will have all the information that you want to include and will just have to type it all up. You will also know what photos you need to take and what of as well. 

Remember why you are doing it 
Finally, this is probably the most important tip as remembering why you want to blog and were blogging will probably make you feel a lot better and want to carry on. 

So there are my tips, what are yours? 
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  1. I'm currently reading lots of blog posts because I desperately need inspiration!!! this post was a sign that I'm in a funk haha




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