Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Being a poor student now I'm sadly unable to buy lots of new and exciting beauty products but here are a few things I've bought or been given before I came to University.
The first of my new buys is not something I actually bought but was given to me by my friend Kirti for my birthday, it is the Naked Basics palette. I had been wanting this palette for so long which you probably know if you have read some of my old wish list posts so now I have finally got my hands on it. I love this because you can create so many different looks with just the one palette, the shades are so pigmented as well so you can create really bold night out looks too. I love the shade 'venus' to highlight underneath the brown bone and cupids bow and 'faint' is great to put into the crease as it really adds a lot of definition into the eyelid. If you are looking to buy a palette or your first high end palette I highly recommend this one as it is a great price for the quality.

A popular product on the high street recently is the Maybelline master sculpt contouring, I feel that this is a good contour kit for the price but there are probably other better ones available from the drugstore such as the sleek contouring kit. The contour shade is my favourite part of the kit which is good as that is the main selling point, I love that it is a subtle contour and blends really well. I'm not the biggest fan of the highlight shade as it doesn't have much shimmer at all so it is more of a chalky white powder but other than that I think this is a great kit and will be amazing to use on the go as it comes with a small brush and a mirror. 

When I heard about the new Kate Moss nude lipstick range coming out I was so excited as I love nude lipsticks as they can be worn all day through to night and look so classic. Rimmel bought out five shades, I have the shade 42 which is a nude with a slight brown undetone but still quite pink. I love the lipsticks because they are long lasting and really pigmented, the only way they could improve these lipsticks is to have a matte version. My final new beauty buy is the Loreal Lumi Magique concealer. Strobing has been a really popular beauty trend with everyone going mad for highlighting and I also do love highlighting so wanted a under eye concealer which would do this. Everyone as heard of the YSL touche eclat which this concealer is basically a dupe of for a fraction of the price, it really brightens the under eyes making it look like you have had enough sleep when really you've just rolled out of bed extremely tired. I highly recommend getting this concealer if you are into highlighting as it really brightens the high points of the face. 

Have you bought any new products recently?
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