Friday, October 09, 2015

I recently bought a new bag from Primark which I love and as I have just started University it was only right to show you what I carry around with me. 

 I don't carry too much around with me on a daily basis as I don't like having a heavy bag to carry so I just like to take around the essentials.

Notebook - I use a project book notebook as I like that it has dividers in it so I can use a different section for each of my lectures and units as that way my notes don't get confused when I go to type them up. 

Diary - I got this diary from paperchase before I came to uni, I like to carry a diary around so when I get tasks to do at home I can jot them down quickly before I forget. It's also a good idea to have a diary when at Uni that way you can stay organised as you do become very busy.

Ipad- Admittedly this is probably a bit of a waste carrying around as I am yet to use it at uni, I was going to use it to type up my lecture notes but I have been writing them down and typing them up when I'm home for now. I'm sure I will use it one day though for research and as it's an Ipad mini it doesn't take up too much room. 

Glasses - These are an essential for me as without them I would not even be able to see the lecture slides.

Pencil case - I have this little pencil case where I keep as you've guessed all my stationary and my memory stick as it's the safest place for me to have it so I don't lose it which I've done before. 

Water & a snack - these aren't pictures as I had already ate and drank them but I like to take these with me to stay hydrated and so I don't get hungry. 

Other essentials - some of the other bits I carry in my bag are my phone, purse and keys to my flat. I also have some tissues ( yes I go freshers flu) and some hand sanitiser which smells of strawberry laces. 

What do you carry in your uni or school bag?
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  1. Your bag is very cute! I like to keep the same things in mine! If one thing isn't there then I feel completely lost! :)
    Hope you're enjoying Uni so far!

  2. your pencil case and notebooks are so cute!




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