Friday, December 18, 2015

 Every December your subscription box; like mine fills with tonnes of new videos as of course vlogmas begins. I'm sure you know what vlogmas is but if you don't it is basically where lots of youtubers film there everyday lives up until Christmas starting on the 1st of December. Recently, I have become to love vlogs a lot more than normal videos as it gives you an insight into peoples days which I love and they are a lot more relaxed. So, I thought I would share with you my Top 5 vlogmas' and why they are my favourites this year. 

Of course, I have start with Alarah, my two uni flat mates Sarah and Alanah have a great Youtube channel and while I'm not with them at the moment it's great seeing their videos and what they're up to (ps miss you guys). Next is Zoe who of course everyone knows, I love that she is uploading on her vlog and main channel everyday as that takes a lot of dedication. A friend of Zoe is Tanya Burr the beauty guru, I have been loving her vlogs as they are always so light hearted and cheery aspects of Tanya's bubbly personality. Next up is another one of my favourite beauty youtubers Amelia Liana, I'm so glad she is vlogging as I've loved her past vlogs and now she is doing it everyday it's great as she films a lot and is always super cheerful. My final favourite is Anna Saccone  from the Sacconejolys, I love that we are still getting the family vlogs and then also videos just from Anna so you can really see what her life is like day to day, its just like bonuses of the normal videos. Hope you have been liking these vlogmas' too if you have not seen them take a look, I'm sure they'll get you into the Christmas spirit. 

Who's vlogs have you been enjoying?
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