Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas is my favourite time of year like it is for many others, doing blogmas this year I think it has made me love it even more as I've been doing lots of Christmassy posts showing you what I have been up to.  

So here are a few reasons why I love Christmas...

Spending time with family and friends: this is even more important to me now that I'm not living at home as I'm making the most of being with my friends and family.

Putting up the christmas decorations: I didn't think I'd get to do them this year at home but my mum waited for me until I got home from uni so I was able to put them up ay home and at uni. 

Christmas events: I love seeing all the markets, christmas lights and going to the pantomime used to be my favourite things when I was younger.

Christmas treats: I love all the food at Christmas from the roast dinner, to the biscuits and of course tubs of chocolates. 

Gifts: I love seeing the range of gifts shops bring in for the season and all the pretty Christmas packaging.

So theres five things I love at Christmas, let me know in the comments why you love Christmas.
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