Monday, December 07, 2015

Christmas Wishlist

Personally, I love reading others wishlists whether they are for birthdays or just a general time of year, I think they can give you lots of really good ideas for gifts. So with that being said here's my wishlist I have already shown this to my mum so fingers crossed. 

Orignally, I wanted the Mac 9 quad palette but when Sarah my friend came home with a palette from Beau Belle cosmetics I knew I just had to have it, I have chosen the 120 nude eyeshadow one as for just £14.95 you get so many wearable everyday shades which the girls told me are very pigmented. My favourite symbol is the Infinity sign I don't really know why but I love it, I have an infinity necklace which I love but it has started to fade a bit now so I saw this Pandora infinity bracelet and had to add it to my list, it's not too pricey so I might even buy it myself. I think it is very dainty and would be a really nice, simple piece of jewellery to wear. Boots are probably my most worn pair of shoes, I have been wanting a pair like the New Look Black Chunky boots for ages but have never got round to buying them so I thought this is the perfect chance to get them and for £20 I can't really go wrong, I just hope they are comfy to wear. Also, on the fashion lines I have asked for an Outfit voucher so that if I see anything I like in the sales I can use this to buy it as well as asking for a driving lesson as when I'm home for Christmas I need to be doing some lessons. Finally, my favourite type of presents at Christmas are the little things like underwear, socks and bath stuff so I have asked for some Treacle Moon products as they smell amazing and are really affordable.

That's my Christmas Wishlist, whats on yours?
Sonia x

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