Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I was introduced to this brand 'Beau Belle Cosmetics' when my three flat mates came back from the Clothes Show Live with Sarah buying a different palette from the brand. I knew that I wanted an eyeshadow palette for Christmas and had already asked for a Mac one but when I saw that this brand had a 120 eyeshadow palette all in nude shades for half the price it had to go on my Christmas list. 

As you can see the palette contains a range of shades from whites, oranges, browns, greens, greys and blacks. Some of the shades are very subtle meaning you can create a neat, everyday soft look but others are darker to create smoky eyes perfect for any occasion.
The shades on offer are of a great quality for the price. Obviously, not as pigmented as Mac or the eyeshadow palette queen of brands, Urban Decay although they are on par with any high street palette I have tried before. A smooth, blendable formula are a dream to apply to the lid as they are so soft, the pigmentation of majority of the shades is amazing with not much needed at all. Although, some of the lighter shades are not as pigmented which is understandable. 

I love that you can create so many looks with this palette due to so many different shades, as you can use the whiter shades for highlight and even the taupe/ brown shades to contour with. The darker shades are perfect to enhance and define the crease and you could even use them to do your eyebrows. The versatility of this palette is just amazing. One thing I would want from it is a few more shimmer shades as the ones that it contains are very soft and the shades are mostly matte, other than that it is a great palette for the price. I would totally recommend purchasing it if you want to build your make-up collection or want to experiment more with eyeshadow as this palette has everything you need. 

Similar to the Mac the packaging is black and sleek with the two sides of the palette sitting inside. The only downside I find of the packaging is that they don't actually clip into place so they easily fall out making it difficult to open without dropping the palette with the fear of smashing the shades. 

For only £14.95, I think this palette is great as you get a variety of different shades meaning you don't have to be searching through different palettes to create an eye look as you have them all in one place. I can't wait to have a look at the other products Beau Bell have to offer. 

What do you think of this palette? Purchase it here

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