Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Empties posts and videos are some of my favourites to read and watch as they are great way to see what products you could give a go and ones to give a miss. I have not done one of these posts in ages so while sorting out my make-up I decided to finally throw my old products out and gather them together to see what I think of them. 

I'll begin with all the eye related products, so mascaras I have mentioned many times before that Maybelline mascaras are my favourite funnily enough I have two that I have finished, the leather extreme colossal mascara which I can no longer find online but there is a very similar one here from the same collection. This is a very good mascara, not the best I have found from Maybelline but because the brush has a lot of thick bristles it creates a lot of volume and coats the lashes well. For my lower lashes I prefer to use a waterproof mascara for this as it doesn't smudge, for ages I have used the great lash mascara as it has such a small brush, now I have ran out of this I have just been using a normal mascara which does lengthen them more but I prefer the brush on this as it grabs your smaller lashes easily. Now, I was given this company eyeliner in a magazine so obviously as it was free I didn't expect it to be great, I find it is very similar to Rimmel's thick and thin liner. As I prefer a thin line this was not great for me because it creates a very thick one and is just like using a felt tip, but as it was free I can't really complain. 

Foundations and concealers are probably a product that I either try lots of new ones from time to time or some times I just stick to what I know. My favourite and first high end foundation is the Mac studio fix fluid, this has been a go to foundation on nights out because it gives such a high coverage and makes your skin look flawless. A concealer that I loved pairing with it is the L'Oreal lumi magique, this is great because it is so brightening and is probably a close dupe for light boost by mac which I am dying to try. If you want a concealer that will conceal and can be used to highlight the high points of your face on a budget then this is the one you need to get, it's the best I've tried. Sticking with the L'Oreal brand is the infallible foundation, I also have the matte version of this but I definitely prefer the original. This is an incredible foundation as if I want quite a bit of coverage, not as heavy as mac and slightly dewy then this is the one I would go for. I find that it lasts all day probably not 24 hours but good enough for me and I will be buying this again some time soon as I just have to keep it in my collection, I know this will never fail me. 

You can see from the pictures that I have actually gone through two of the Rimmel exaggerates lip liner both in east end snob. This lip liner probably like many others was introduced to me by Amelia Liana as she loves Charlotte Tilbury's pillow talks and this is a dupe for it. An amazing liner for just obviously lining the lips or even filling them all in with this as it is the perfect pinky-nude. The only down side for me is that it finishes so fast as I either snap it or there is just not a lot of product in there but other than that it is a lip liner you need to have in your collection especially if you're a lip fanatic. Last but not least is some eyelashes, I have not completely finished these but thought I would include them anyway. I picked these Eyelure individual lashes up back in July to wear to prom as I liked the idea of having a few individual lashes of different lengths. I love these because there are three different lengths (short, medium and long) so theres a lash for however you feel that day. But I found these extremely difficult to apply so would probably stick to buying a strip of lashes now even though these are better for your money in a way.

What products have you finished lately, loved or hated?

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