Wednesday, February 03, 2016

 I think everyone has probably introduced their favourites post this month with 'can you believe we are in the second month of the year already,' But they are true the month seems to have gone by very fast, I'm now back at uni and adjusting to the new term. This month I don't have many products I've been loving as most of them are the same but I thought I would show you the first I've been loving.

Beau Belle 120 eyeshadow palette - here, review
Not so long ago I reviewed this palette but I had to show it again as in January I was wearing in loads even if it was just the same shades. It is a sleek palette which is perfect if you love nude shadows but are on a budget. I love pairing the darker nudes in the crease as a transition colour with a shimmery gold.

Maybelline lashsensational mascara waterproof - here 
This mascara has been featured in a favourites before but this time I have the waterproof version. I prefer waterproof mascaras because I find that they smudge less and last longer. Lots of people have said that this mascara is a little too clumpy which I do agree with and I have got to the habit of picking it off but I do find that as it is slightly thicker than most it adds a lot more volume and holds for longer.

Seventeen instant glow shimmer brick - here 
This is a highlighter which as you can tell I have hit pan on the two lighter shades but now because the darker ones are a bit too dark and shimmery so I have been using those for eyeshadow and they are a great colour either on their own or as a combination. I find that using them as the main colour and then a light brown nude from the Beau Belle palette is a great eye look for day or night.

The Balm Mary lou manizer - here
My final beauty favourite is the ever so famous mary lou manizer which I have a review of coming soon. As I am reviewing this soon I'll tell you quickly why I love it. It is an amazing creamy highlighter which adds lots of light to the face.

Pretty little liars
My life style favourite this month is that pretty little liars in back! I have loved this show for ages and very sad that it will soon be over. I have found that this season is slightly weird but I am excited to see what will unfold.

What have been your favourites this month?

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