Friday, February 19, 2016

 After reading Em's post on her January make-up bag I was inspired to do my own as I think theyre a great way to show what you think of the products you have been using this month but in a brief and concise way. Sorry about the photos took them at night!

Being a student means I don't get to change my make-up as often anymore as sadly I can't afford to keep buying new products now I actually have to feed myself and while it is debatable food is definitely more important.

For base...

Bourjois healthy mix foundation - This is a favourite foundation of mine, often shown on this blog. I love it because it is dewy and I have been struggling recently with my foundation looking quite dry so if you have any ideas how to over come that then let me know. So that is why I have been going towards more dewy and radiant foundation as I want to make my skin or try at least to be glowy.

Nivea moisturiser - Like I said I have dry skin so missing out moisturising is something I cannot do. I picked up this nivea one a few weeks ago and love using it. I find that it is really creamy but not too thick so hydrates the skin well. Sometimes with Nivea products in the past I have found them to be quite greasy but this one isn't and is also very cheap.

Rimmel wake me up concealer - For concealer I love ones that brighten and lift your under eyes which this one is great for. It is not extremely highlighting like the L'Oreal Lumi Magique but I think it covers dark circles better and helps brighten my under eye circles.

Rimmel stay matte - I know I said my skin is dry but setting my base is something I have to do so I use my beloved Rimmel stay matte for this. I have used this powder for years so I do want to find a new one that maybe isn't as matte but still makes my make-up last all day.

Rimmel waterproof bronzer - You can probably tell that I am a big fan of Rimmel make-up, they are one of my favourite high street brands. This bronzer has always been my go to as I find in the past I have a tried a lot of bronzers which are orange toned but this is more red so it is slightly but natural and easy to blend as well for any season.

The balm mary loumainzer - I cannot go without highlighter in my make-up routine I don't know what has happened but I find I just have to do it. This is the best highlighter I have tried it can be applied really lightly for a subtle look or you can also look like a disco ball if you wish. I find this is a great one to go for has it gives the perfect golden glow on the high points of your face.

For eyes...

Seventeen instant glow shimmer brick - This is actually meant to be a highlighting palette but I have now slightly run out of the shades I used to highlight so decided to make use of the other shades as an eyeshadow. These are great for this because they are shimmery brown and gold so when mixed together they create a perfect golden eye which is very pigmented. Also perfect for a night out.

Naked basics - I have been using this palette for two uses as it is so versatile. The first is obviously for eyeshadow as I have been using faint in my crease as it adds a lot of definition and can be really built up for a more dramatic look. Then my second use is for contouring as my Maybelline one recently smashed so I am yet to pick up a new one. For this I have been using a mixture of faint and naked and find they work well to create an ashy shade creating the perfect shadow.

L'Oreal superliner & Rimmel nude liner - For lining on my lid I have been using the only line that I can actually use which is the superliner. I'm not sure why this is the only one I find I can create a thin line for extra definition but  it is. To make me look more a wake when dragging myself to uni after a night out I use the Rimmel nude liner on my waterline as this really brightens tired eyes.

Maybelline lashsensational mascara - I'm not going to speak much about this as I have many times before. But this is still my favourite mascara at the  moment as it adds volume and length to the lashes lasting all day. Even if it does get  bit clumpy.

Anastasia dip brow - This I believe is going to come to an end very soon which I dread as it is the best eyebrow product Ive tried. Well honestly since getting this I haven't really used anything else but why would I this is just too good. I find that even if your brows look terrible and you can't control them then this will still make them look well groomed.

For lips...

Milani nude lipstick - This has really been the only go to lip product even without liner which I haven't done in a while. If I'm in a rush doing my make-up which has happened a lot this past month then this is the lipstick I will grab as it is a perfect pink shade nude which is very creamy and lasts if set with a tiny bit of powder.

So that's whats in my make-up bag this month, what's in yours?

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