Wednesday, March 02, 2016

I don't know why but I can never find a way to begin my posts especially favourites. I do them every month or at least try to so it always feels a little repetitive. Anyway, hopefully next month I could think of a way to start these posts. Enough rambling onto the real reason you're here, these are my favourites.

I am forever switching between foundations and the Mac studio fix fluid has always been my go to on nights out. It leaves such a flawless base and lasts all night. Recently, I have been wearing it more during the day but with only one layer as it can be a bit too much for just an everyday look. I find that even though it is a matte finish it's not too heavy on the skin and applies smoothly, I like to use the RT buffing brush. Another great thing about this foundation is that I find when combined with my Loreal Infalliable it it gives a little less matte finish so is more suitable for an everyday make-up. If you would like to hear why I love this foundation so much in more detail you can read my review.

Speaking of Loreal, last month I was loving a lot of their products and found myself looking to buy more and more from them, it is just such a great brand. They have recently brought out and added tot heir Infallible range which like I said I love the foundation. I have spoken about the  Loreal Infallible primer it is one of the primers from the high street that I find actually works really well. It smooths out your skin leaving it with a matte finish which you would think for someone with dry skin is not great. But this works, it means I am able to apply my foundation to a smooth base so it doesn't cake or look heavy on the skin.
When I heard about the new Loreal range I was extremely excited to get my hands on the Loreal Infallible Sculpt which is their new contour kit. I really liked the concept of this as it is a cream to powder formula meaning that it is super easy to blend but then sets as a powder so wont be slipping of your face at all. As you can see from the picture I havent really touched the highlight section as I prefer a more shimmer highlight but this would be great as a base. As for the contour shade I love it and never want to use a straight powder one again. I love that I can easily apply this to the hollows of my face or where I want to create shadow, quickly blend and I'm set to go.

Finally, I can't have a favourites post where I don't tell you about a new lipstick I'm loving this month it is the Maybelline Colour Sensational pearl lipstick. Nude lipsticks are my absolute favourite to wear because they can be worn day or night. I have been looking for a more brown toned nude lipstick for a while when I discovered rosewood pearl by Maybelline. Obviously, it has Rosewood in the name so every pretty little liar fans has to have it and it is the perfect mix between nude and brown. The only downside is that it is not matte but to make it matte I add a little bit of powder. But for everyday wear I think its nice not to have a matte lip occasionally and wear something a little more glossy.

What have been your favourite products?

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