Sunday, March 06, 2016

 London Fashion Week came to an end which only meant that it was time for London Fashion Weekend. If you don't know what that is then its basically fashion week for the public you are able to look around the Saatchi Gallery at various designer brands and are then able to watch some shows too.

Now, I wasn't there for that but I actually won a competition to attend LFW with canon! You can imagine how excited I was, I completely forgot I had entered so it was a great surprise.
So, I thought I would tell you all about my experience and then next week you can expect a review of the trend show I saw.

I got up bright and early as my train was at 7:30, yes it killed me getting up. We then all met at the Sloane Club which surprisingly I found very easily, I'm still very proud I managed to navigate round London on my own.

Once we entered the meeting room we were asked to sign a waiver form, then were given our pass and handed a camera. I was given a canon 750 D camera which had 18-55mm lens, this was great for taking portrait shots of the models on the catwalk. I am also currently taking a fashion photography unit as a part of my course so learning a bit more about cameras was a benefit for me. The canon advisors talked us through the settings and what we should use so that when we were in the photographers pit we wouldn't need to be worried about changing settings.

After we had all the right settings we then had a talk by John from Getty images. I found this really interested as he gave us an insight to his career and also his tips and tricks for getting the perfect catwalk images. He also has lots of funny photographers pit stories to tell, my favourite was probably where Kate Moss was snuck into a show so she wasn't photographed but at the end when the lights went out all the photographers ran over to get a picture of her.

Then we set off round the corner to the Saatchi gallery, cameras in hand and positioned ourselves in the very small and hot photographers pit. The show we saw was the trend catwalk which included four trends and was presented by Laura Jackson. It was a great show and I can't wait to tell you more about it. The experience I had with Canon was amazing, although I don't think I could do the photographer job in the future.

To end, here's some images I took from the show...

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