Monday, June 20, 2016

 Day 4 of our holiday is where the exploring began. After having breakfast in the hotel we headed to Corfu town by coach, we also stopped off on the way at a couple other attractions for others to go on their excursions. I think I pretty much slept most of the way on the journey there and back but the landscapes you saw on the way were very pretty. When arrived we took note of our drop off point, all though that didn't help much as we did end up getting lost on our way back. We then headed straight into town to have a look around and buy some gifts. This day was one of the hottest and as I had already burnt my head I had to buy a cap which I surprisingly didn't hate that much. 

While having a break from shopping we stopped off for some lunch at Gondolas. I had neapolitan pasta which was probably the best pasta I've had, it was also really nice that you were able to sit outside to enjoy the sun. After lunch we had a walk around where we found the art gallery, taking some pictures there. Then strolling further down near the fortress where we of course took more pictures. This was one of my favourite days as I loved looking around Corfu town. 

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