Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So, apparently I'm not a fresher anymore... 
In May, I handed in my last assignment and with that first year ended. Going to uni was one of the best things I've done its helped me to become independent, know what I want, meet new people and have lots of fun. I have already uploaded a round up of my first term so I thought I should finish it off with my overall experience of first year and what you can expect with a few tips. 

The first two weeks are the most crucial weeks as they are for settling in and getting to know people. I don't really remember my freshers week that well anymore all I know is that it consisted of saying 'hi my names sonia and I'm from coventry, studying fashion journalism' a lot, going out to different events and then struggling to get up the next morning for uni. Although, I was very home sick to start with and didn't think I was going to enjoy uni I'm so glad I didn't give up because I've had the best time and wouldn't change a thing. 

Fresher events are so much fun from foam parties, vodka jelly and ice cream and just being genuinely drunk. My favourite is probably big night out, which is the bar crawl event in Southampton. I loved these nights which ran throughout the year because everyone our whole group of friends came together all to attempt to go to every bar which never happened, but we can pretend. If you don't like going out partying then I know there are events like big night in, where you watch films and socialise that way instead. Then there is obviously freshers fair, which wasn't as good as I thought it would of been. Although, you do leave with lots of vouchers but you don't actually use them and all the free rubbish gets thrown away. 

Living in halls is strange at first as you are used to living in a house with your family but then suddenly your sharing a kitchen with seven other people and all your belongings are in one room. I was very lucky that I had amazing flat mates and we all got along. I know lots of people had arguments but we never really had that problem. During first year you also have to look for a house for second year which can be very stressful and awkward when choosing who to live with. But my advice is do what you think is best for yourself as you are going to have to live with these people for the next year or two. 

Attending uni, walking into the lecture theatre for the first time can be slightly daunting but soon you'll be used to it or not walking in at all because you've slept in. If you miss a lecture then don't worry it will be all online anyway. Practically everything you need to know is online so if you're ever stuck or have a problem thats where you should go first. I know first year doesn't count and thats probably what you hear people say all the time but it probably is a good idea to try your best because after all that is why you are there. 

Money is probably one of the hardest thing for a student to manage, you see all this money come into your account on the first day of term and you think your rich, then a few days later accommodation comes out and your back to your poor old self. Many people abuse their overdraft (saz & al) but I didn't have one, so worked to buy all the extra things I wanted, which is why I'm trying to save a lot now. So if youre planning to go to uni and know you might be short with money, it would be a good idea to put some aside now and look for a job as soon as possible. 

Assignments and the course, your course is obviously a bit part of your uni experience as it is the reason you should be the reason you are there. I love my course even though it is hard work I get to do fun things like photoshoots with my flat mates, write blog posts and publish articles about topics I am passionate about. But in a couple of weeks I am going to do a whole post on what studying fashion journalism is like. 

So there is a bit of an insight into what uni is like, if you would like to do anymore or want a tips post do let me know. 
Are any of you going to or at uni, how are you finding it? 

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