Friday, June 24, 2016

As you all know I jetted off to Corfu last month and had an amazing trip. With summer finally coming around, the British sky is having a little less rain, everyone fetching out their beach towels and sunglasses. I thought it why not put a beach day wishlist together. Sometimes it is hard to know what accessories you want to match your favourite bikini so I've gather lots of different ones so their is something for everyone. 

Spring is a website which I have found very helpful when searching for the perfect summer outfits. The aim of their website was the gather all the chic shops of NYC in one place so it is simple for their customers to buy everything they need it one place. Here are all my great finds from the website. 

A hat which I found out on holiday is an essential as trust me you do not want to burn your head, it is very painful. There were two that stood out to me both of a similar style but giving off different vibes. The black floppy hat from American Apparel I find is sophisticated, probably best suited when going for dinner to make your outfit look mature. Whereas, for a day sitting by the beach or pool I would opt for the straw hat from Urban Outfitters, which is on sale! This is the perfect casual hat for not only the beach but roaming about town still able to catch the sun. Sunglasses have evolved in their time, becoming in my opinion of the best fashion items. Whenever anyone sees a tiny ounce of sun they bring out their glasses and well who can blame them really. Quay Australia is a brand I follow on Instagram, I'm forever scrolling through their page wishing I owned a pair which luckily Spring do stock them. Although, I loved a much cheaper option by Freyrs (I am a student after all) I went for these because I loved the shape and the effect of the tortoise shell. Finally, of course your hair is your best accessory while I was on holiday by go to hairstyle was french plaits, thanks to my friend Saz. When taking these out I was left with my hair being quite wavy, sadly I had to wash my hair due to the sun and sea but if I wasn't to have done that then this Oribe wave spray would have been perfect. It leaves your hair with shiny, tousled waves so you will be feeling just like a Victoria Secret model. 

Thats my beach accessory wish list, whats on yours?

*Disclaimer* I was contacted by Spring to write about their accessories of my choice, as always this is my honest opinion. 

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