Friday, July 29, 2016


I know what you're thinking why the hell are you talking about autumn when our summer is only just getting starting. However, in the UK we don't get a very long or a always sunny summer so thats why I've been trying to look for versatile clothes that will take me into the colder months. As most stores have their summer sales on it is probably a good time to pick up some summer clothes while they are going cheap. Although, I have been browsing online and found some great light jumpers on sites like MissGuided and Topshop.

I like to keep my style quite simple by wearing colours like black, grey, navy and khaki pariticularly in the winter months. Most of the time I will have one stand out item which could be a pair of ripped jeans, big jumper dress or a pair of boats which I will then dress up or down accordingly. This winter I would like to be wearing knitted jumpers that are still quite lightweight so perfect to wear for lectures which I can still wear with a leather or denim jacker. However, on those colder days I'll need a big coat which is why I feel in love with this boyfriend coat from Topshop. Some days I get bored of wearing jeans so would like to try something new like this MissGuided khaki denim skirt which I would wear with tights, boots, and maybe a black v neck t-shirt depending on the weather. As well as skirts I love the idea of jumper dresses which will be perfect to layer with my fur gilet.

As I will be going back to uni soon that comes along with a lot of nights out meaning the stress of finding something to wear; we've all been there. So with that being said I have added some cigaratte trousers to my wish list as I think these will be comfy on a night out as well as warm and more comfortable than jeans.

You can find all the links to these items on my pinterest board.

What is your AW style like?

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