Friday, July 15, 2016

As you know while on holiday we all took a trip into Sephora, which I was very excited about as I had never been before. It wasn't a massive store but they did have a fair few brands, Make- Up forever being one of them. As they had an offer of 20% off the foundation we all decided to pick one up.

When going about purchasing the foundation I was shade matched and told I was Y325 (flesh) which matched me pretty well and still works for my skin now I'm not tanned. There is a wide shade range for this foundation so there has to be a shade for nearly everyone. The R and Y before the number of the shade determines whether you have a red or yellow undertone. 

The packaging of the foundation is very simple and sleek with a glass bottle and black writing printing on explaining the product. Many high end foundations don't come with a pump which I think is ridiculous but MUFE clearly know what their customers need and already provide one.

A older version of this foundation was often used for by make-up artists for use on TV and photoshoots as it has a high coverage but it does not look heavy on the skin, leaving a flawless finish. So now they brought it out so it was available for all beauty fanatics in search of flawless skin. I have been using the foundation on and off since I have been back from Corfu and even while I was there. When first using it I applied it with my RT buffing brush which really worked it into the skin but now I have been converted to the RT sponge (beauty blender is next on the list) and I think I prefer this method as it is a much lighter way of putting foundation on the skin, quicker too. 

The consistency of the foundation when pumped out onto the back of the hand is very lightweight and quite a runny liquid. So when applied it leaves a silk like finish which doesn't make you look shiny or cakey. I find that this foundation would work with lots of skin types and also lots of shades so if you are looking into investing in a new foundation I would highly recommend this one. 

Have you tried this foundation?

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