Friday, August 12, 2016

With me moving back to Southampton in September to start my second year of university, it means moving into a new house. Which obviously leads to me buying things to decorate my new rooms with. As my room will be bigger than living in halls I wanted to make it feel like home but not clutter it too much. I took to pinterest to create an inspiration board and a wishlist so I could look back at it and find where to order the items.

After looking around I decided I wanted to go for a more neutral theme going with the minimalist idea in my head. With that being said a grey and white theme sounded like the perfect options with a few marble and copper accessories. Such as a bin, desk lamp, photo frames and mirrors. I also recently watched a DIY marble video using sticky back plastic to marble trays that I could put jewellery in and notebooks. Instead of buying marble items this would be a much cheap alternative.

In my halls last year I piled my shoes in the bottom of my wardrobe so I thought this year I could buy a shoe rack so they are more organised. I am also thinking of purchasing a white bedside table as I believe our uni room only comes with a bed, desk and wardrobe so if you know where I could find one that is recently priced do let me know. Take a look at my board so you can find all the links if you would like to buy any of these items too.

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