Friday, August 05, 2016

Kylie Jenner has really made a name for herself not only as a TV personality but as a key person in the make-up industry. Many people have slated her for the quality of her products and her appearance but I cannot fault either of those as she really does have some serious talent when it comes to doing her make-up, often showcased in her snapchat.

Her lips have been the talk of many gossip mags and TV interviews so what better business venture to have than for her to bring out her own lip collection and she will soon be adding eyeshadow to the mix. Obviously, I knew I wasn't going to suddenly have big lips as Kylie has had work done on hers but I want to see what all the fuss was about. So not its time to review the whole process of getting my hands on a lip kit.

 Now it took me a while to finally get my hands on them because when they first released it was so hard to get onto the site and all the shades I wanted sold out in minutes, I'm pretty sure it was easier to get Justin Bieber tickets. So a few weeks ago I just happened to check the website and they must have just been restocked so quickly I added Candy K and Dolce K to my basket as they were the ones I wanted the most. So now things have quietened down on the site you are probably more likely to purchase the shades you would like. Placing my order was super easy all I had to do was enter my shipping and billing details and I was done. I then received a confirmation email which had a tracking number so I could see exactly where my parcel was. My order was placed on the 6th July, arriving at my door on the 22nd which is a reasonable amount of time to be delivered from overseas. The only downside which I thought might happen is that I was caught with a customs fee of £15.90 which wasn't so bad but after paying $72.95 (£55.63) you hope it doesn't happen. Once I had paid that online which was also easy the lip kits were officially mine.

 When they arrived they were packaged in a plain black box (people were stealing the old style boxes) with Kylies logo on the inside and also a note from her pretty much saying thanks for ordering. I love the simple, monochrome packaging of the lip kits as it is very modern with the shade also on the lip and lid of the box. I had heard that some people had there lip liners broken or something wrong with them but both the liner and liquid lipstick came in perfect condition.

As well as hearing mixed reviews regarding the delivery process the quality of the product was also questioned so I was skeptical first. But with the being said I LOVE THEM. The two shades I ordered were Dolce K and Candy K as these were the ones that stood out to me the most. I'm sure you know what the shades are like by now as they are absolutely everywhere, but Dolce K is quite a brown nude whereas Candy K is more on the pinker side. I love them both as they are super easy to wear everyday and at night, I would opt for Candy K more for an everyday look but I think Dolce K will have to be my favourite.

I had heard that these were quite drying on the lips with people not being able to cope wearing them which scared me a little as I have a habit of biting my lips but I think they're fine. Yes, they are heavier than most of your liquid lipsticks like the Bourjois ones but that is what makes them so pigmented. I would literally only need half of what is on the application (which is also great) as they completely cover your lips in one go, needing no build up what so ever. As well as pigmentation which shocked me so did how the wear time of them, they will last all day and all night too.

So are they good for the money? Yes of course they are! They are around £23 and for that you are getting a lip liner and liquid lipstick both a reasonable amount of product for a very good price. So if you can get your hands on them, I highly recommend you do.

What do you think about the Kylie lip kit trend?

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