UNI TIPS & ADVICE: Freshers week

Friday, August 26, 2016

 Now you are packed and moved in, freshers week officially starts. This is probably going to be the busiest week of first year. It is one big party with so many events going on across the week or two if you're like my uni.

You probably will feel home sick in the first two weeks i know In definitely did but the best thing to do is stay busy as we were in uni for our induction week and then wed get back and start planning to go out for the event which was on. Most unis have wristbands which you can buy and they let you into all of the events. You'll be able to find these somewhere on your uni fb freshers pages, those pages are also great to find your course or flat mates. As well as nights out theres freshers fair where you will come back with tonnes of leaflets, tote bags, discounts that run out in a day and you probably wont use most of this stuff but at mine I did get a free slice of dominos so I was happy.

Living in halls is also so much fun as you all become very close and by the end of the year you'll be best of friends. Now it is true not everyone gets on with their flat mates but its unlikely that there will be no one you bond with. It is quite daunting walking into the kitchen being shown around by an ambassador but lucky for me I met Laura and Will who were extremely friendly. Its best to remember that everyone is in the same boat so you can help each other out if you feel down. If you aren't enjoying it at first do give it a go by Christmas you might be loving it and not wanting to go home for the holidays.

The main thing to remember is not to worry, you'll have the most fun during freshers theres so much going on, I'm sure you will have the best time I know I did.

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