UNI TIPS & ADVICE: Preparing to start

Thursday, August 25, 2016

This time last week many of you will have found out if you had got into your chosen university, well done you if you did, if you didn't no need to worry its not the end of the world. As I am going into second year in the next few weeks & have done a few uni posts in the past I thought I would create a mini series of all things that you might be worried about or just need some extra help with.  

So now you've found out that you got the grades you needed everything is going to go super fast and you may feel a little overwhelmed as well soon enough you will be living in a completely different place with lots of new people. Suddenly you are running round ikea having no clue what to buy but don't worry all you need to do is make a list first think of the essentials bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, plates bowls etc. You can download my packing list that way you will know that you have everything you can possibly need. When packing my uni stuff I put them all in underbed storage boxes that way my Dad could take some back home and I could also keep some under my bed for storage. Cardboard boxes are also great as you can flatten them and store them neatly so when it comes to packing again you already have them with you.

As well as making you sure you have all the items to make your uni flat like a home and liveable. It is also a good idea to check that you have done all the things your uni has asked you to do like pre enrolling, booking your moving in slot, booking your permit for moving in day and checking all your payments for student finance are schedule. There will be a post on budgeting coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed this uni post, are you excited to start?

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