Sunday, September 04, 2016

Wearing make-up is something a lot of us love to do whether it be every day, once a week or just for special occasions. There is something about sitting down at our make-up stations that we all love to create our looks for the day. Although, many of us hate the task of taking make-up off, it can seem such a chore especially if you have got in late all you really want to do is climb into bed. But it is so important that you do take your make-up off every night as it will help clear up your skin making it feel soft and clean. As a student and freshers approaching soon it will mean that I am going out a lot and I found last year my skin didn't take well to lots of alcohol and leaving make-up on overnight so that is why I have my affordable skin care secrets to show you. 


I start every night by washing my face sometimes that will be a facial wash or a cream at the moment I love using the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial wash which has a lovely scent and does not irritate my skin at all. For a heavier cleanse I like to use a cream so opt for the Ponds cold cleansing cream, I like to use this more when my skin is quite dehydrated as I find using a facial wash as it is essentially like soap makes it worse. I take the majority of my base off when washing my face then go in with the ever so famous Garnier Micellar water to take off any excess and my eye make-up. Cleansing and toning I find is the best step when removing make-up as this makes sure you have got rid of all the make-up and impurities on your face so you know that it is really clean. I change the cleanser and toner I use often but have stuck with this Nivea combination for a while as I find they are light on the skin, affordable, refreshing and do the job. If there is only one step you can do when removing your make-up I recommend that it is this. Finally, I finish off my routine with moisturising, you have seen this one so many times as I love the simple moisturiser for hydrating my skin and leaving it soft for when I make-up. If I ever forget to moisturise (or am being lazy) I really notice the difference as my face feels a lot drier. I also like to exfoliate my skin every week or every two, I do this is many different ways one is with a standard face mask, the other is with Garnier pure active face wash as this gives it a real deep cleanse due to the brush which you use in circular motions or with my exfoliating mud that I let sit on my skin for a while then wash it off. I highly recommend exfoliating your skin every two weeks as even though you might take off your make-up every night there is still lots of build up of natural dirt that needs cleaning. 

So that is my quick and affordable skin care routine but now I have got more into finding out about what is good for my skin, I would like to develop and incorporate new products into it. With that in mind, I headed to the FarFetch beauty page as I knew they would have all the products I needed to enhance my regime. Here is a wish list of some of the products I want to try and some you would find useful, a serum was the main one on my list! Whats on yours? 

Veneffect Pore Minimisizing cleanser, By Terry Immaculate light, Oskia Renaissance Mask, Sarah Chapman Skinesis eye recovery 
*Disclaimer, this post is in collaboration with FarFetch and as part of their Skincare competition. 

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