Friday, September 02, 2016

 In two and a bit weeks time I will be loading my car up and heading back down South to move into my new uni house. As I'm writing this I should be sorting out the clothes I'm going to be taking but that can wait right?

Obviously, the idea of moving into a house and getting to decorate a new room again was extremely exciting for me, as soon as I knew I would be moving I started to look for things to buy and getting some inspiration. I know you have heard me bang on about it a lot here, soon there will be less uni posts I promise!

Copper is a big homewear trend at the moment with lots of stores not just in home stores but popular fashion stores like H&M, primark and New Look are bringing out their own range of copper accessories. Originally I wanted to go with rose gold but the were a little harder to find so compromised and went with copper, I am then going to pair this with marble. So around my white and grey based room there will be copper & marble accessories popping out as I like the simplistic style I thought this would be perfect.

Now onto the haul...

As I said I was going for  a copper theme and wanted to keep it simplistic so have not got many things so far as I am yet to know what my room looks like due to our house being refurbished. I thought I would start of with the item which is a bit of an odd one out and thats my Russell Hobbs frying pan, this was £7.99 from B&M, I got quite a big one so I can use this for all my cooking. Well it does stick to the marble theme too due to the effect on the inside. Also, from B&M I picked up a small copper mirror so when in my room I can sit at my desk and do my make-up easily. I am thinking of getting a bookshelf so when I am not using it I can pop it on there next to my make-up. Another practical item is the copper wire bin, I had been searching everywhere for a bin like this with many places being too pricey and some not having it in stock. Thats when I stumbled across this from Dunelm which is actually meant to be a storage basket but will make the perfect bin to go underneath my desk. Obviously I'm going to get some pedal bin bags as my rubbish will be falling all over the place. If you are also looking to buy this for a bin then the best size to get is large.

For decorative pieces, I haven't got that many yet as I am waiting to move into the house then I'll probably pick up a few more bits like photo frames, plants and cushions. For my desk I decided to get a little plant from New Look (not online), I thought this would be perfect to sit next to my pen pot on my desk as it is compact so will not get in my way. Last year, in my halls I didn't have a bedside lamp and would of really liked one, I know this year it is much more needed as we no longer have a switch by our beds for the main light; getting out of your cosy bed to turn the light on is a lot of effort right? So when buying my bin I came across the sale/ student section in Dunelm and loved this lamp (not online, similar) as it wasn't all copper so stood out to me more. This will be going on a bedside table I'm going to be getting from Ikea.

The final things I have collected for my new room is bedding as well thats pretty much a necessity. I decided to go for a grey theme with my bed as I already had a grey throw and heart cushion from Primark last year. I opted for a reversible bedding set from Primark (£11) which has a grey floral pattern on one side and plain on the other. Then to match that I just have a plain grey fitted sheet and two plain pillowcases for the bottom pillows on my bed. When looking in Primark I saw two copper heart cushions so I am thinking about getting those too so they can go beside my grey one.

What is your favourite item from the haul?

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