Monday, October 24, 2016

This time last week I was in Birmingham on my way to the Hilton Hotel & seeing Justin Bieber, now I'm sitting in a lecture, slight contrast. The weekend consisted of a lot of food going for dinner at Slug & Lettuce in Brindley place which was lovely. But my favourite restaurant was Friska, just opposite our hotel, so convenient. 

Breakfast is probably one of my favourite meals, I'm not the biggest fan of cereal but I love eggs, pancakes, pain au chocolates, croissants... you get the picture. Jack actually spotted this, annoyingly he chose somewhere good. The restaurant has a really laid back, casual vibe, grab breakfast and go. There is a real character in the decor with stools, large tables, chalkboard menus, variety of imagery on the walls which I loved. The staff were also super friendly letting you take your time with your choice of their extensive menu and then taking your order on Ipads.

 I was so impressed with the food choices on the menu they had everything from a toasties, porridge, eggs on toast to healthy avocado on toast. I opted for poached eggs on toast which I have never had before with a freshly squeezed orange juice. For never having poached eggs I was pleasantly surprised as I loved them, definitely need to try and make them myself. As well as how delicious the food was it came in a cute little brown box so you could even take it away if you wished. I was expecting Friska to be slightly pricey but it was super cheap which my eggs only being £3.95, so if you have gone on a heavy night out with drew quite a bit of money, hungover and in desperate need of breakfast head to Friska.

 For the great quality of food, friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and cheapness I would highly recommend you go, I wish there was one here in Southampton!

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