Friday, October 28, 2016

Recently, I have been instagramming a lot more and kind of finding a theme I like. I have always loved the classic blogger white, bright images and have always been so envious. So I have tried really hard to achieve the white theme which I am finally getting to, take a look at my instagram.

This is not advice you have to stick to but I thought I would share my tips with you. In my opinion I love a light not too busy theme with a variety of pictures including scenery, travel, beauty, fashion and of course nights out and selfies. 

To edit my images I use VSOCAM a very popular app not only just amongst bloggers but anyone as there are so many filters you can choose from. Adding a filter with mean that your feed is consistent, what I love now about this app is that you can copy and paste edits you use before so then can easily adjust them if it is too bright or too dark. I use three filter usually mainly HB1 or A5 and occasionally ACG. I don't always use them on 12 depending on how dark/ yellow the images are so I adjust the strength accordingly. 
I like these filters because they really brighten my images and to up the brightness even more I will then up the exposure and drop the saturation and contrast. I don't always do this it just depends on the image. I find taking them in natural light and in most cases against a white back ground as that way you will get a really light outcome. 

So there are my tips & how I edit my pictures, what do you think of Instagram themes?

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