Friday, October 21, 2016

Taking photos is a big part of my life I do it on my course, for my blog and just in general I love to capture memories so I can look back at them. The first thing on my to do list when moving back to Southampton was to get some new photo prints as I wanted to cover a wall in the class square prints with a white border.

I must have searched all of the internet to find some reasonably priced prints which was where I stumbled across smart photo. I ordered the €0.15 10x10 square prints which worked out for my full order about £12, I thought this was really good as every where else I was looking they came to over £20 which as a student is a lot. 

The site has so many different thing you can order including standard prints, cards, mugs, calendars, photo books and so much more all at great prices. All you have to do on the site is select what product you would like, upload the photos and then you can see them all. What I loved was that you could see if anything would be cropped out so could change the size or rotate the image. 

As the company is based in Europe I thought they would have took a while to come so ordered them a week before I moved and they arrived on moving day which was so lucky. I half expected them to come damaged or bent in some way but they were of such a high quality. I opted for a glossy finish which looks great, I am very glad I ordered from smart photo. There was not one image printed I didn't love. 

Due to most of our photos now being online I am always so scared that I will lose them even though I often back them up, however you just cannot always rely on technology. So I think I will start printing my photos more often especially as they were so cheap for the high quality print. 

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