Friday, October 07, 2016

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to head to Basingstoke to check out the new ranges lush have recently brought out. As you can imagine when you walk by any lush shop the smell blows your away, its so distinct you know your close. All the bloggers were greeted by the lovely staff at the Basingstoke lush store who shows us around chatting about all the new products, I fell in love with most of them. Also, all but one of the products in the new range are vegan, how great is that you can really tell that they work extremely hard in the Lush factory.

Obviously I have to speak about the lush Christmas classic first., I must of left smelling of it. Snow fairy, what else. This was the product that stood out to me the most on the night and that was a body conditioner, you can use this on dry or wet skin before or while in the shower so when you shower it of you are left with soft, luxurious skin ready to start your day. Not to mention the sweet cocoa, mango and avocado butters will be sure to make you feel uplifted.  A product that goes hand in hand with this was the fairy dust, you can just tell it is going to be magical with the name. Fairy dust, is a dusting powder which you can use after you have lathered yourself in body conditioner. Sprinkling then massaging into your skin it leaves you sparkling and not tacky at all. Which I love as there is nothing more that I hate than waiting for a body moisturiser to sink in.

Instead of rambling on about all the products I loved on the night, there was just way too many. I thought I would tell you about my final two. Of course a bath bomb had to be one. Northern lights I've had it before and loved the colours it creates in your bath making you feel like you are actually watching them. It will be perfect to use on a cold winter nights after a long day when you really do deserve a pamper evening. My final favourite is the famous candy mountain bubble bar which comes back most years so be sure to take a look. I enjoy using bubble bars more than bath bombs usually as they can be used more than once so are worth your money. The lush ones are never small either mine usually last for a good three/four weeks. Crumbling the bar under running warm water releases the heavenly smells of vanilla while creative lots of bubbles too. 

Have you seen the new ranges in lush?

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