Friday, October 14, 2016


 If it's one thing Mac are known for then it is their lipsticks, so of course when I heard there was a new range coming out I had to be there. The first high end lipstick I have ever owned was by Mac, so the brand obviously has a special reminder for me, I don't know anyone that doesn't love it.

Lip intensity launched on the 29th October, with the Mac team at Southampton, West Quay hosted us with an evening of testing products, opportunities to buy and some lovely juices. It was a great evening with lots of bloggers excited to see what the new range had to bring to the table. There was a small stand with all the lipsticks being displayed so we were able to swatch to our hearts content and of course take as many pictures until our camera roll was filled. Any of the shades that we loved we could also get tried out on us by a Mac artist.

Of course the two shades I loved had to be a pink/ brown nude, the one I tested out was 'Doe' (right in swatch) which according to the MUA was one of the most popular day. I absolutely loved the shade it was the perfect amount of pink and brown mixed together. These lipsticks are meant to have more pigment than the regular lipsticks and was very comfortable to wear. Although I don't think it would last all day on me due to it being a satin finish. Even still I definitely want to add it to my collection. They are slightly more expensive than the other lipsticks but if you want a comfortable lipstick with intense colour then I think these will be just for you.

Also with this range Mac have steered away from the classic matte black packaging and created one matching the actual lip shade. I prefer this so much more as then you know exactly what you are getting and don't have to look at the bottom of the lip bullet.

Have you tried out these lipsticks?

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