Monday, December 05, 2016

Buying presents for people is honestly something I love to do, I just love to surprise people or pick out really nice gifts. Obviously, Christmas is pretty stressful and expensive when it comes to buying presents so I thought I would give you a few tips and tricks that might help you during this festive period. 

Make a list
Write a list of all the people you know you will buying a present for no matter who they are, write it all down. That way you wont be forgetting anybody and you can also write next to their name ideas of what you might buy them. As you go shopping you can tick them off and it will make you life a whole lot easier. No rushing out two days before Christmas because you forgot Auntie Sue's present.

Set a budget 
If your a student like me typically on a tight budget for Christmas then set yourself a budget.If you have a job maybe set some money aside each month until December just for Christmas so when it comes to the beginning of December you can work out how much you will have to spend on everyone. You know that list I mentioned this is where that comes in handy, as you know what presents you will be buying people you can write down the cost and as you go see how much of your budget you have left or maybe need more of. 

Browsing is probably the best thing to do around Christmas all the shops have their pretty gift sets and lots of deals going on. So have a look around for your presents as one shop could be selling it cheaper than another. It might be a good idea to sit down one night browse the internet of all the best deals then make yet another list for what you need to order online and then another for going out shopping. Somewhere I love to go for Christmas gifts especially for women is Boots as they always have three for two and their star buys are always at a great price. Don't forget black Friday always happens before Christmas too!

Go early 
Finally, go early shops around Christmas are packed, trust me I know I work in retail. So my advice to you is to be head out early armed with your list, present ideas and you will be in and out of those shops in no time. Also, a good idea I learnt from mum is to buy gift wrap, cards, tags etc in the sales after Christmas as they will be really cheap save them and use them next year. 

Enjoy your Christmas shopping! 

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