Friday, December 23, 2016

I probably love nights in more than I love nights out sometimes, there is just something super comforting about sitting in watching films, eating lots and lots of comfort food in your loungewear. That is exactly something you should be doing on Christmas Eve, so here are my Christmas Eve essentials. 

Pyjamas or comfy clothes - You cannot have a cosy night in without super soft loungewear or pyjamas I love fleecy pyjama bottoms. As soon as I'm done for the day I always take my jeans off and put on some comfier trousers. Primark always do the best ones but I am currently living in my Victoria Secret leggings as they aren't skin tight so there is room to move around in them. Usually I would opt for a baggy t-shirt but now as its winter I like to throw on a big cosy jumper with some cute fluffy slippers and I'm all set to snuggle down. 

Cushions & Duvets - Now your dressed it is time to grab your cushions on the sofa a big duvet to cuddle up in. While I was away at uni my mum recently got me a grey fluffy blanket from Asda Home and now I just cannot sit and watch TV without it.

Films & Rubbish TV - Over the Christmas period TV is just filmed with Christmas films, old TV series (The Royal Family is a classic) and obviously the soaps do their own Christmas special. So whatever your like to watch snuggle up in your blanket and grab the remote. 

Hot Chocolate & Snacks - You cannot have an evening without some good snacks, me and my boyfriend have very big sweet tooths I don't know who is worse. So grab some sweets and chocolates, selection boxes and big tubs of celebrations are great for nights like these. Having a hot chocolate at night really relaxes me, to make it extra special I like to add whipped cream and marshmallows. 

You are all set now so pop your phone away and enjoy some relaxing time with your loved ones. 

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