Friday, December 16, 2016

Being a fashion student I should probably be keeping up to date with all the latest designer collections, collaborations and shows but sometimes as much as I love fashion I just cannot keep up with it all. The Victoria Secret fashion show is on that I watch every year religiously I have not missed one yet and probably know a lot more about the show than I should. It is anticipated every year of what they are going to do next, who is going to be wearing the million dollar bra and who are the new models on the scene. This year the angels jetted off to Paris with Lady Gaga, The Weekend and Bruno Mars performing, all of them putting on a astounding show. What I love about the show having acts perform is seeing them interact with the models adding the fun atmosphere. This year Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were assigned their angel wings, Gigi's little sister Bella also appeared as a new model. Jasmine Tooke got the role of the fantasy bra this year which saw her strutting the catwalk with over 450 carat emerald green diamonds on her. The cast of Victoria Secret models seem to becoming more diverse every year which I love and other designers need to take note. Of course the show was mesmerizing featuring beautiful women from all around the world in luxurious lingerie. Below are some of my favourite looks.

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  1. Ah Kendall Jenner is just stunning, love the piece she's wearing in the first pic x




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