Wednesday, December 28, 2016

 The big day we have all been excited for seemed to have flew by but that means its time for me to show you what I received this year for Christmas. I never ask for big presents now as I like to get lots of little things to open. I wont go through everything as we will be here a while but I will pick out some of my favourites.

Of course I always have a long beauty list of things I would like this year I got a few benefit minis off my mum, some skincare bits from the Body Shops camoille range and lots of bath and skin care sets will definitely come in handy when going back to university as I always run low towards the end of a term. My boyfriend did very well at Christmas as he got me lots of Soap and Glory minis that came in fun crackers, replaced the make-up bits I had been complaining about like my smashed mary lou manizer and grubby RT sponge. I also really needed a new diary/ notebook so he picked a lovely shimmery pink one which I cant wait to use in my lectured.

Working on the F&F clothes department over the Christmas period means I have been surrounded by clothes pretty much everyday so have often eyed up things I wanted. So I added three jumpers to my Christmas list which I love as you can never really have enough. Finally, I also gained a few vouchers for Debenhams, Boots and H&M as well as lots of chocolates that I'm making my way through now.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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