Friday, January 06, 2017

For my first post of 2017 I thought I would go with quite a chatty one, Happy New Year by the way! 

First all I thought I would tell you about the makeover my blog has had. It has always been my aim to change my layout slightly as eventually I want my blog to have more of an editorial feel. So I have added some new widgets to the bottom that make it slightly more visual. I actually intended to buy a template from pipdig but unfortunately haven't manage to get round to doing that as paying my rent is probably a little more important. I am super happy with how my blog looks at the moment there are a few tweaks I want to make like having a static home page (if anyone knows how do let me know) but those changes will come. 

New Years Eve seems like quite a while ago now as the festivities have ended with everyone going back to reality and work. I began my day by having a nice relaxing bath, doing a face mask and watching a lot of TV before I got ready for my evening. I headed to Las Iguanas with my friend Kirti for some cocktails (well only me, she was driving) and some lovely food. We both went for halloumi skewers which were great, she also even got me to try squid for the first time. I ended my evening and last day of 2016 with my boyfriend where we celebrated the New Year by lighting Chinese lanterns, he even vlogged it so watch that here. I hope you had a lovely New Year like I did and are looking forward to lots of fun in 2017. 

Sonia x

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