Monday, January 16, 2017

Jeans are a piece of clothing if I'm not slouching around I am probably living in jeans. For years I hated them I could never find ones that had the write fit, shape, kept their shape or didn't fade after three washes. Until I discovered Topshop's Jamie Jeans. I was always a girl that headed to the joni jean section in store but Jamie jeans have converted me they are a sturdier denim meaning they fit you like a glove and won't lose shape if you're doing a lot in a day. 

I bought my first pair of Jamie jeans (similar) last year I believed when Gigi Hadid showed the style of them she loved, these have lasted me such a long time with the blue wash hardly fading and still fitting perfectly. I also have a black pair which have faded quite a bit but I don't think I will ever find a pair of black jeans that don't lose their colour. Jeans are great for any occasion especially these as they come in so many colours and styles now, whether you dress them up with a bodysuit for a date night or with a baggy jumper or v neck t-shirt you are sure to look your best in the Jamie jean style. 

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  1. That is a very fitting jeans and it suits your body shape really well. I much prefer traditional lower waist skinny or bell bottoms jeans.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. I love jeans too and wear them so much. I have always gone for the Joni jeans but I'm definitely going to have to try these ones out instead after reading this post :) x

    1. i used to go for joni jeans too but now love these x



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