Friday, January 27, 2017

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Valentines, the event people dread or love, personally I have never been a Valentines person but this year I will be celebrating it for the first time. So obviously I needed a new outfit to wear to my dinner date. 

Finding the perfect dress for me is usually very difficult as I like it to be the perfect bodycon fit but also still look classy and elegant. MissGuided is usually the brand I turn to as their dresses are yet to fail me, they are the perfect fit, on trend and can be worn again and again. My personal favourite when trailing the MissGuided website is the red scalloped lace bodycon (5), I love wearing red as I think it works well with my skin tone, what I particularly love with this dress is that it adds a feminine, classic touch with the lace. For £18 it is a complete bargain also. If you want to go for a more mature version the Navy Whistles dress (7) is the perfect match. 

The cold is something I feel very easily so will probably not sit with my shoulders or arms out without shivering which is why I decided to include a blazer (6) as it is a smart piece that will be still dress up your outfit as well as keeping you warm. In terms of shoes I would suggest making a choice which is comfortable and if your dress is your statement piece then keep it a bit simple. 

Now I did not want to exclude the men (not that I have many male readers) but Bonobos is a America brand whom cater to the every need of a man. When looking on their website something that stood out to me which you don't often see on women's clothing websites is for each style of clothing whether the be blazer, shirt or trousers they provided an in-depth description of the garment and who it would suit best. A shirt is always an easy option for a guy as it can look super smart or quite casual. The casual button down shirt stood out most to me as I know my boyfriend wont be going for a suited and booted Valentines look which is why this shirt can fit most styles as it is sophisticated but not too over the top dressy. It is also a very versatile piece which can be paired another day with some jeans and trainers. If you and your partner are going all out then they might want to go for a Blazer. There is a variety of blazers on the website but my personal favourite is the jetsetter as it is made from a slightly thicker wool meaning it will be warmer to wear on a cold February evening and it is also easy to move around in so your partner wont be feeling so restricted tucking into his meal. 

What are your plans for Valentines?

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  1. I used to love a bodycon dress but these days I avoid them as I don't feel like they flatter my body shape anymore. I do really like the red dress you have picked out though and it's such a bargain! I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day and enjoy your dinner date :) x

    1. I couldn't believe the price of it and thanks so much :) x



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