Friday, January 13, 2017

For one of my university units last term; Fashion Film we were required to create a thirty second film on a fashion polemic of our choice.  I brainstormed lots of ideas but one stood out to me the most which I thought would require a lot of research (we also had to make a research portfolio) this was diversity in the fashion industry.

The fashion industry has been known and still sometimes does neglect girls for their size, skin colour, disabilities and so much more. You are expected to be a perfect girl but no one is and nor will anyone ever be. I researched magazine covers, brands, advertisements and catwalk shows and found that there was a certain type of girl shown. Although from also doing my research I found that this is starting to fade slowly but it is, I'm so happy that society is starting to realise that everyone is different and we should showcase that to the world and maybe one day we wont feel so judged. 

When it came to creating my film I knew I wanted something upbeat and fun as my outcome so decided to recreate Kate Moss Vogue cover images. I used models of different races who were three fun girls from my course and they were great. Below you can watch my film if I could redo it now I would improve it someways but for my first attempt I am happy with the overall outcome. 


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  1. This is so great! I totally think diversity in any industry is such an important thing!


  2. me too glad you enjoyed the post x



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