Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Visiting Museums and Galleries is something I actually really enjoy to do which probably shocks a lot of people but there is something relaxing about strolling around and admiring someone else's work. I have my eye on going to the Balenciaga exhibition in May. As part of my degree we were required to attend the fear and love exhibition at the New Design Museum which has newly relocated to Kensington. 


The actual exhibition we went to see 'Fear and Love: Reactions to a complex world' didn't actually wow me as I thought it could of been slightly bigger. Although some creations which stood out to me was the robot that reacted to your movements, it was slightly creepy but that could be our future. I also found interesting that fashion designer Hussein Chalayan had created wearable devices that sense your moods. 
Even though I wished the exhibition was bigger I loved the designs and thought they were so clever as they all related to modern down giving a very futuristic feel. 

We also explored another exhibition, 'Design Maker User', this was my favourite as it explored a whole load of objects from fashion, architecture, graphics, egineering to technology. There was everything that could be imagined. It was a bold display which also featured interactive sections to really engage you.

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