Monday, March 20, 2017

High street brands have all of a sudden stepped into the beauty world, Topshop being the first one I noticed I have even picked up a few bits from them in the past. Other retailers of course followed in their footsteps with the likes of New Look, H&M and even Primark bringing out a whole range of affordable beauty bits. But today I'm going to be talking about what I purchased when in H&M. All funnily enough related to eye make-up. 

 Cream Eyeshadow - Sirocco - The Maybelline colour tattoos are something I used to be obsessed with but found they were never as creamy as I wanted. I was initially going to buy a powder eyeshadow from H&M range as I'm always swatching them but then I noticed these. I always think it is a good idea to have a base for your eyeshadow to prime the lids and make it last longer. I have literally been using this copper/ brown shade with gold pigments in it everyday since I've got it. It's the perfect shade for an everyday natural eye but then also you can build copper shades on top of it for a more intense look.  What's even better is you don't even have to use a brush just smudge it out with your fingers For £4.99 this cream eyeshadow is just as good as something you would find in Boots.

Eyebrow Pencil - Espresso Brown - As you know I'm a lover of the Anastasia Dip Brow but it is soon to come to the end of it's life and sometimes I like to fill sparse areas of my brows in a bit lighter with a pencil. I do prefer the Soap and Glory brow archery to this but it is good enough for the price. However, you may not find that the shade range is as wide.

Blending brush -  I have been wanting the Mac 217 for years now and for some reason still never been able to justify buying it as I know there are a lot of other brushes out there. This caught my eye as it look pretty much identical, it is made out of natural hair so is super soft. Perfect for blending in the crease and even the cream product I spoke about earlier. I like that it has a tapered end as it means you can really work the shades into the lids blending them together.

Have you tried anything from H&M's beauty range. 

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  1. I haven't tried anything from the H&M beauty range although their products sound really good so I might give them a try! x


  2. I have yet to try the H&M beauty products but I definitely want to! Thanks for sharing =)




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