Monday, March 13, 2017

Last weekend I came back to uni after a week at home which I wished was all relaxing and being lazy in bed but actually during my reading week I was interning at the Birmingham Mail. I set this internship up last summer so I had been waiting I while. I thought I would just write this post to document my time for myself and you to hear about. The Birmingham Mail if you don't know is a local newspaper under the Trinity Mirror group, they publish local news, lifestyle, events and sports. 

I am originally from Coventry so Birmingham is not a long commute for me at all, so the travelling wasn't so bad although the offices weren't in central Birmingham meaning a bit of a longer commute. The early mornings weren't fun but I powered through and it did put into perspective how easy I have it now at uni. 

Day 1: This consisted of a quick tour of the offices, being shown my own desk and meeting some new people. It takes me a while to settle into places with new people so this was quite daunting for me but everyone was really friendly and helpful. My tasks for this day included: being sent over press releases, writing articles for those releases, interviewing an 83 year old marathon runner and producing an article for it. 

Day 2: This was a more relaxed day, in the morning I listened in on their conference meeting where the editors of each section of the newspaper meet in the morning to discuss stats from the day before, the stories they are going to push of that day and their daily targets. My day was spent news gathering which I then had to present my story ideas to the news editor which we had a chat about the strongest. 

Day 3: Following on from the day before where I gathered local news I then had to conduct thorough research for the stories and some interviews. The main story I worked on was Natalie Cutler's film premiere, which I posted about on here. This was probably my favourite task of the week as it really tested my ability of being a journalist and taught me some new things. I contacted Natalie's PR, her management and also Natalie herself, I had a great chat with all of them. Finishing the day with finishing my article. 

Day 4: A pretty relaxed day doing the kind of journalism I love to do. I worked with the What's On editor which is a section on their website that consists of shopping, things to do, events etc. For this section I created an article of the best wedding dresses on the high street which coincided with the Birmingham wedding show which was happening the following weekend. 

Day 5: My final day, I again worked with the What's On editor where I started at Birmingham shopping directory for her as they are soon to be publishing a big article of all the best places to go in Birmingham for shopping. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this internship even though I was very tired and also had to do a bit of uni work in between it taught me a lot more than I have probably learnt at university. Now I'm ready for my next one. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Glad to hear that you've enjoyed your intership, hun, sounds like quite an experience! <3 xoxo




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