Saturday, March 04, 2017

Natalie Ann Cutler partner of Wolves captain Danny Batth has taken the plunge from modelling onto script writing, directing and acting.

Former Birmingham Theatre School graduate Natalie, 27 from Rowley Regis has begun to take on the film scene. Not in Vain a fly on the wall documentary written, produced and directed by Natalie was premiered Wednesday evening at Cineworld Broad Street, Birmingham.

Lucky invitees were allowed to strut their stuff on the red carper, attend a reception before the film where they then sat down at 7:15pm to enjoy the show. Natalie stunned the red carpet wearing a white and gold silk gown layered with a sophisticated white blazer to match.

A star studded guest list turned out in force including  past and present Wolves players, current Miss GB Jamie Lee- Faulkner and popular TV personality Sam Reece. Of course Natalie's partner was there supporting her every step of the way. When speaking to Natalie, she beamed that 'Danny is fabulous - we do like to keep our work life separate.'

The film follows the girls of the Miss Universe Great Britain beauty pageant, exploring how the public and media perceive the beauty industry. Particularly focusing on the judgement girls are bombarded with when applying to be a part of the beauty competition. Every year the Miss Universe girls choose a specific charity to lobby and raise money for, this year they chose Stop Acid Attacks. In the film you see the winner fly out to India to talk to girls who have been a victim of acid attacks which is majority of the time due their beauty. Husbands can get jealous and punish them with acid so no one else can 'own' them.

Natalie thought this was extremely important as she lived in India for seven months saying it was 'home for me, I wish I could be there now if it wasn't for work commitments.' Not having a bad thing to say about India, she loved the culture and it truly inspired her film as 'you are more aware you are female out there' so she wanted to portray the different perspectives of beauty around the world. She was so glad that the Miss Universe girls chose this charity as it fits perfectly with the ethics of the film and brings to worlds of empowering women together.

The public will hopefully be able to watch the film someday soon with it currently doing the film festival circuit and she is also working with Film Birmingham in hope of a mainstream channel airing it.

Moving from modelling to TV was not a bug hurdle for Natalie, 'it was not too difficult at all.' Her role as a model and director allows her to be a story teller having a passion for spreading important messages around the world which are often surrounding women's rights. She has always 'wanted to create a platform for women about women.' Which is why she set up her own film production company. Philippe Ashfield who manages Natalie said 'she's a force to be reckoned with, I adore her, she is extremely professional and knows what she wants.'

The most challenging thing Natalie found was in terms of technology so enlisted help from old school friend and Birmingham filmmaker, Andrew Rutter. She remembered his talents and knew she just always wanted to work with him. So together they created a magical film that explores serious issues brining the opinions of beauty women face to light.

Film is always on Natalie's brain as she 'has about 20 notebooks full of ideas.' There are some things coming from her in the future so keep an eye out.

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  1. This is such an important topic to talk about, having an acid attack is so violent and I feel for the women! Great post, have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you it really is, have a nice day x



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