Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Making memories are extremely important, the time we spend with our loved ones is something we will cherish forever. Setting goals is something I love to do, I have a notebook with a long list of things that I want to do this year whether its save money or build my make-up collection, the two do not exactly match but it is something I want to achieve. One of the things I want to do this summer is work (I'm a student) but most importantly spend quality time with my friends and family. 

Taking a break is always needed I love going away whether its abroad or in the UK the thought of being by the sea just relaxes me. This year I am going away with my boyfriend to Gran Canaria, we are staying in  four star hotel right by the beach. I'm super excited to explore the island with him visiting the aquarium, going on boat trips, heading to the spa and I'm sure he will even try and get me in the gym (doubt he will have much look though).

Going to uni means that now my friends all seem to be spread across the country so now when I have a few days off work I want to try and visit them. One of my best friends lives in Liverpool so before she breaks up I want to head up there for a night out, Jess my best friend from my course also lives in Watford so a couple of days down there exploring London would be fab. I also cannot forget Sarah, Al and Laura as surviving the summer without seeing them will be very hard.

Speaking of Sarah and Laura we all share our birthdays around the same time so we do want to meet up in Southampton to celebrate. Matt our housemate and best pal is also turning 21 this year so it's another big reason to have a night out. 

Being a student that needs a real job when they graduate means I have to be getting some experience somehow. So for a week this summer I will be commuting to London to intern at Woman Magazine, even though this will be hard work I'm hoping to make the most of it and gather some good connections.

Like most families I am really close with mine, being at uni does make me appreciate them a lot more doing little things with them like shopping or just watching TV it is nice to spend quality time with them. My family always organise little trips during the summer like going to the park, different towns close to where we live. 

During my summer I want to spend time with my friends doing fun things like nights out, bbqs if we get some sun, afternoons spent in the pub. 

Not only do I love spending days out and about but there is something about being in the comfort of your own home, watching films and crappy TV shows that I love. On my days off I know I will be doing this. 

Working throughout my summer also means I want to plan some more trips whether they be full on holidays or little getaways. Me and Jack are always talking about going to Iceland so that is at the top of my list and me and my girls from home would love to go somewhere like Amsterdam for a few days if we can find a cheap deal. 

How do you plan on making memories this year? 

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