Friday, May 19, 2017

So yes, I've not exactly been the best at posting but basically family life, work and university deadlines got in the way. But for now I am back and I am really hoping to improve my content this summer including more lifestyle travel posts and a lot more outfit posts (with the help of my boyfriend). Today's post is all about organising your wardrobe, I am the queen of organising so it is actually something I enjoy. For some of you though I can imagine it is the bane of your life, so here are a few tips that might help you out.

As you know I am at uni in Southampton so packing up my life is a bit of a regular occurrence when it came to packing up for summer I thought it would be a good idea to pretty much sort through my whole wardrobe. That way I could keep my winter clothes at uni, take my summer or versatile seasonal pieces home and then give to charity or sell a lot of stuff that I really don't wear. I may upload some bits to my depop.

Put something on in the background: This is going to be a pretty long job so I would recommend putting some music or a TV show on or even get a friend to give you a hand.

Get everything out of your wardrobe: The best thing to do I find is literally pull everything out of your wardrobe and drawers including shoes, bags, clothes, underwear that way you can really see everything you have and also the space that you are working with.

Piles are your best friend: Then lay it all on your bed and rummage through it. What I did was sort my piles into jeans, skirts/shorts, winter only (jumpers), tops, loungewear,  dresses, tops and going out clothes. Then I would go through those piles and pick out things I haven't wore in ages or a bit too old and need replacing.

Be really strict: You have to be very lethal when sorting through, really think when was the last time you wore it and will you wear it in the next few months. Then again put them into piles of sell, donate and bin. I definitely need to do this more often as there were a lot of things that I really did not need nor would wear again.

I felt so much better after sorting through everything as it got rid of a lot of rubbish I really don't need and allowed me to see what staples I have missing from my collection as I want to start buying some pieces which are timeless so can be worn over and over without going out of fashion.

What are your tips for sorting out your wardrobe?

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